Massive Muscle Pumping
Massive Muscle Pumping
Massive Muscle Pumping
How To Gain 25 Pounds In 21 Days!

Can a Person Gain Over 1 Pound of Muscular Density a Day?
The Answer Is “Yes” And In This e-Book You’ll Find out How…

If you are looking for hard-core hellish gains in size and strength that are immediate and dramatic, then definitely read the following message carefully. It can and will change your training gains ratio immediately.

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Massive Muscle Pumping

Massive Muscle Pumping – Gain 25 Pounds In 21 Days…
This Mega Gaining Database contains the most dynamic and unorthodox advanced training principles available. The revolutionary training techniques revealed within this Mega Muscle Gaining e-report are beyond normal by 21st century training standards. But you are not looking for low level time factored training results; you are looking for advanced bio-reactive instant forced gaining potential. Now you too can become genetically more anabolically reactive naturally, stronger and more massive than you ever dreamed! Your EXPLOSIVE MUSCLE GROWTH will be so impressive that no one will believe that you are drug-free.

Your dream will soon become a reality as you discover the impeccable workout techniques, vital training secrets and stealth nutritional concepts that one New York bodybuilder named Richard Simons used to smash all his former puny barriers, which was crippling his training progress. And in the process he gained “25 Pounds In 21 Days”.

In this exciting NO BULL 107 page e-Book you’ll learn killer tips and tricks such as…

– Japanese Counter-Split Body Blast System
– 24 Hour Float Method
– Juxtaposition Principle
– The 3 x 3 x 3 Exercise System
– Shock Rebound Technique (SRT)
– A SECRET for “Leg-Cuts”
– “Double-Oxygen” Saturation Technique
– Atomic Triceps Program
– Regular Set, Plus Fast Doubles Principle
– Experience (And Control) 9 Brutally (Hyper-productive) Intense Workouts
– Alternate Standing Heel Raises
– Stealth Mega-Calorie Diet (designed to thicken muscle fiber)
– A Man’s Breakfast
– Rheo H. Blair Supplementation
– Richard Simons Physique Transformation
– Pro’s and Con’s of a Muscular Bulk Routine
– Evolutionary High-Volume Training
– Defending The Transformation (a must read for the skeptic)
– Maxi-Sizer Experiment (The Ernest F. Cottrell Physique Transformation)
– Anabolic Pharmacology Factor (Tissue Drugs? Blessing or Curse?)

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