Blast Your Bench
Blast Your Bench
The “Blast Your Bench” Program
How To Add 51 Pounds To Your Bench In Only 3 Weeks!

Can a Person Really Gain 50 Pounds To Their Max Bench Press In 21 Days? The Answer Is “Yes” And In This e-Book You’ll Find Out How…

“Blast Your Bench” is jam packed with the most hard-hitting, cutting edge muscle building and strength training information you need to quickly build a powerful muscular physique. There is no fluff and no filler; just the hard-core truth about building muscle and maximizing your strength gains, FAST!

If you want the kind of strength that causes heads to turn… with…

…A massive shirt-stretching chest…

…Shockingly powerful arms…

…And the capacity to outperform all your peers by a tremendous margin…

Blast Your Bench

Then you owe it to yourself to follow The “Blast Your Bench” Program!

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How To Build Real Strength & Rock Hard Muscle Mass…
“Blast Your Bench” is a dynamic and unorthodox advanced training program. The revolutionary training techniques revealed within this system are beyond normal standards. But you are not looking for low level results; you are looking for instant gaining potential. Your EXPLOSIVE New Strength & Muscle Gains will be so impressive that no one will believe that you are drug-free.

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll discover when you download your copy of “Blast Your Bench” today:

  • How To Bench for maximum poundage. Get detailed step by step instructions for improving your leverage and maximizing your strength gains – Page 13
  • Learn exactly how often you should train each body-part for maximal gains. This one totally goes against the BS that the mainstream “fitness experts” say, but it will make you grow so fast that your friends and gym buddies will think you are on steroids – Page 11
  • Find out how the 3 basic bodily energy systems come into play when you exercise and how to use them to maximize your body’s natural anabolic hormones – Page 9
  • Learn what repetition ranges are most effective for packing on muscle mass and making rapid strength gains. Note: it is not as simple as just doing all heavy low rep training. – Page 36
  • Why the time you allow yourself to rest between sets can have a huge impact on your overall muscle growth. Almost no one figures this one out on their own, even though it’s been scientifically proven in real world results – Page 8
  • Learn the one huge mistake most guys make in their diet that guarantees they won’t gain an ounce of muscle… and how to turn it to your advantage that will give you an instant muscle boost – Page 21
  • Learn exactly how much weight to lift during your workouts. No more guess work, the exact weights that you need to lift are outlined based on your current strength levels – Page 49
  • A safe and simple method for determining your precise 1 rep max lift. Forget those stupid internet 1 rep max calculators, they only give you a rough estimate. Use this method to be 100% accurate – Page 15

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