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Bill Moore Bill lost 116 pounds while building lean muscle!

“I’ve lost a grand total of 116.2 lbs off of my heaviest weight of 318 pounds two years ago! I am living proof that Lee’s advice works, not only did I finish a number of physique transformation challenges but I did what so many people, including my physician, told me that I would never be able to do again and that is walk and lift! Lee helped me prove them all wrong, I no longer have a feeling of helplessness and the greatest thing is that I am now in a position to help others walk the same path that I have!”

Bruno Martel Muscle Building Progress Bruno went from a skinny 125 pounds to a lean & muscular 170 pounds!

“Since joining the TFB inner circle I’m in the best shape of my life. Lee helped me plan out a complete bodybuilding diet and workout training program that allowed me to gain muscle and do a clean bulk up. The thing I like about Lee is how he explains things simply and makes it easy for me to understand exactly what to do.”

Melinda Allen's Weight Loss Transformation Melinda is a mother of 3 who lost 77 pounds in 1 year!

“I found out about Lee Hayward’s coaching program and began to include weight training as part of my routine. I learned through Lee’s educational videos and programs about how to lift weights properly and this helped me lose a total of 77 pounds while gaining lean muscle tone. In just 1 year I went from 210 pounds to 133 pounds.”

Sean Wilson Muscle Building Progress At the age of 40 Sean is now in the best shape of his life!

“Being part of the Total Fitness Bodybuilding Inner Circle has really helped to get me motivated for training again, I turned 40 this year and right now I’m in the best shape that I’ve ever been in my life… By following Lee’s advice I was able to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time!”

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